What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the art of crafting your roofing website to be search engine (e.g., Google, etc.) friendly and relevant for the roofing market you’re located in. The more relevant you are, the more higher Google will return you as a local provider on the search results page.

What will you do to rank my roofing website?

We will first discuss your roofing goals and make sure it’s something we can help you achieve before moving on. Next, we’ll perfom a thorough audit of your current situation and baseline that. Then we’ll provide you with a roadmap of SEO related tasks and schedules on how to achieve it.

Will you work with my existing roofing content?

Yes, our intent is to be as transparent as possible. However, we will make recommendations as necessary to try and improve the quality of it for search engine optimization purposes.

Can you write me new roofing content?

Yes, if we deem it necessary and you don’t have the resource to write it yoruself, we can write new content for you. However, this will incur additonal charges.

What's your strategy to link-building for roofing companies?

Link building is still a very important aspect of SEO, but our link building strategy isn’t like everyone else’s. If that was the case, we wouldn’t be where we’re at. We are always researching and testing in the real world and making constant adjustments as needed to get results.

What's your secret sauce to ranking roofing websites?

Simple. Strong partnerships, experience, research and development, and staying up-to-date with the ever evolving SEO algorithms.

How's your SEO strategy for roofing andy different from your competitors?

SEO is our passion. We are in the grind daily. We have hundreds of website out there testing and monitoring the market daily. That’s how we know what works and what doesn’t. We are real practioners – not someone who’s read an article or just completed a course.

My roofing website is a proprietary format, Will SEO work on my website?

We will analyze your website to make sure it’s something we can technically handle and support for SEO purposes. We have seen many flavors of web technology out there and there are instances where we will need to port or modernize it. Of course, we’ll let you know before you drop a dime of investment.

How long will it take before my roofing website appears on the first page of Google?

The real answer is we don’t know. It depends on so many factors. Such as your current website, the competition, Google’s current algorithm, and more. However, from our experience, we can provide you an estimated time. Usually with the local roofing market, anywhere from about 6 to 8 months.

Can you guarantee my roofing website will rank?

The real answer is “no”, we cannot. There’s no way we can gurantee your website will rank due to so many factors that’s outside of our control. For example, Google could and have updated algorithms in the past that lengthened the time of ranking activity. However, what we can gurantee is that if we cannot rank your website within the latter of the estimated time, we will not charge you until you rank. We simply refuse to quit.

What if my roofing website is ranking but sales remain the same?

Our primary objective to you is to rank your website. Typically, websites that are on the front of Google will receive an increase in traffic – that’s a given. But traffic doesn’t necessarily gurantee a conversion. Should this scenario arise, we can analyze what part of the sales funnel may be the bottleneck and devise a plan of improvement. Examples of bottlenecks can be the website design, website copy, or customer service skills of the person answering the phone.

Will I still need to work with you after my roofing website is ranking on the first page of Google?

That is your decision. Typically, with the competitive nature of the local roofing market, it’s a constant arms race and needs ongoing SEO to keep up and overtake the competition.

Can you build me a roofing website?

Yes, we can build you a brand new roofing website. Building websites is not a part of our service offering but it’s something we’re quite good at as well. However, it is only something we can offer to compliment an SEO package and not as a standalone service. Depending on the complexity of the website, there may be an additional charge or no charge at all. Either way, we’ll let you know so there’s no surprises.

Can you administer my roofing website?

The direct answer is “No” – even if we built it for you. We will have access to and make modications as necessary for SEO purposes, but we will not be your “webmaster”. So, yOu will need to have your own resource to update content and features on the website. As a roofing business owner, you can appreciate having people at positions where they can be the most efficient and cost-effective. And our position should be to focus strictly on gettting you SEO results.

What will you need from me to start?

Typically, we’ll send you a general agreement, of which you’ll then make the first payment. Afterwards, we’ll send you a small list of requirements such as access to your roofing website and related accounts. We’ll be off to a good start.

What resources will you need from me?

For most local roofing SEO projects, we don’t need anything from you at all. We just need to run ideas/options by you and get your feedback.Just picture us as a silent partner.

What kind of SEO reporting on my roofing business can I expect from you?

We will provide you access to an online report displaying your website’s growth which will include queries, clicks, impressions, etc. As well as a daily rankings report.

How often should we talk?

We allocate an hour per month of direct personal time with each client to go over any questions they may have about their roofing business. However, you may email at anytime and we’ll usually respond back within 24 to 48 hours.

How long of a contract must I commit to you?

Our sevice model is month-to-month contract, so commit as little or long as you want. We don’t believe in strong-arming our roofing clients with long-term contracts if they do not wish it. We believe in earning your trust and approval one month at a time.

How do I terminate the partnership between my roofing company and Roofing SEO Team?

Just notify us by any means necessary before the next billing cycle. It’s that simple and there will be no funny business.

Is it true, you can do SEO on my roofing website for free?

Yes. Simply refer two clients to us who signs on, and your SEO is free so long as they remain clients of ours.

How will I know if you're working with any of my local roofing competitors?

When you inquire and let us know the local roofing market you’re in, we will then inform you if there’s a conflict of interest there or not and if we can work together. Remember, we can only work with one local roofing company per market with our roofing SEO strategies so we encourage you to inquire before the spot has been filled.

Why should I choose the Roofing SEO Team?

Besides you having a problem of little or no traffic and we have the solution to that, there’s more. What separates us from those other guys is that we have the knowledge, experience, and trust from the market to deliver results. There’s no experimentation with us. All we do is dedicate our entire resources to SEO marketing for roofing companies like yours. And becaue of that, we have SEO for the roofing industry dialed down to a system.

Why are you so expensive? These guys down the street can do my roofing SEO for $99/month.

Being in the roofing business, it’s all about the math. Would you want to role the dice and gamble time and money in hopes of getting lucky? Finding superior SEO and cheap pricing doesn’t go hand in hand.Even if you were to get ranked with these other guys, odds are you will not outrank our client in the same market. And the difference between the top three positions and all the rest is significant. For example, the top 3 spots receive 61.5% of the clicks. That translates to multiple projects and hundreds of thousands in revenue lost per year if you’re not there. So, if you look at the big picture, you’re definitely receiving a better return on your investment with Roofing SEO Team.

What's the difference between SEO and Google Adwords?

Although both SEO and Adwords have to do with the search engine results listing when people perform a Google search on local roofing companies, there’s a big difference. With Adwords, you pay for every click. By placing Adwords, your roofing website will show up for your keyword searches, but can be placed at any of the top, side, or bottom Adwords locations on the search engine resuls page. Your ad will compete with competitor’s ad bids. With SEO, your website will show up in the “organic” search results and be consistent everytime. Studies show that people click the organic listings 94% of the time because organically listed websites are perceived as being of higher quality and a better provider of roofing services.

Should I choose SEO over Adwords or vice versa when it comes to roofing?

Think of Adwords as a short term result. If your roofing website is not ranking and you need clicks now, go with Adwords. SEO is long term result as it takes time for your website to rank naturally. However, when it does start ranking, the SEO results outperform Adwords. Many roofing companies go with a two phase approach and start with Adwords as well as have SEO done. Then, when the SEO starts to overtake the Adwords, they stop the Adwords campaign.

Should I have you run the Google Adwords campaign for my roofing company?

The truth is anyone can start an Adwords campaign. However, the difference is in the results. With our experience, we will utilize succesful strategies to create ads and landing pages that have converted from past performances. Then, monitor the performances of each campaign as well as continuously fine tuning each roofing campaign.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is simply ad placements. Otherwise known as pay-per-click or PPC, is where you simply pay Google a fee everytime someone clicks on your ad when they’re searching for a product or service via the keywords they type.

What's the advantage of Google Adwords?

It’s easy to setup and impement. You get instant gratification as your roofing ad is displayed immediately to potential customers searching for your service.

What's the disadvantage of Google Adwords?

Your ad will only display when you have budget allocated. Also, your ad has to compete with competitors as well and whoever bids higher, generally wins. Just because you have an ad, doesn’t mean it’s guranteed to show everytime or in the same location.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is where the person will be directed to after clicking on your roofing ad. These are typically a well thought-out and crafted web page designed with ad copy to stimulate the reader into one and only one action – convert.The conversion can be in the form of a phone call, online sale, or filling out a form, etc.

Can you write copy for my roofing Google Adwords ads?

Yes, we have experience in writing copy for Adwords ads.

Will you supply the graphics for the landing pages of my roofing Google Adwords ads?

Yes, whatever is needed as long as it’s public domain or accessible. However, if what is needed is pictures of your roofing business or crew, then you will have to supply us with those.

Will you be providing Google Adwords campaign reports?

Yes, we will provide you with access to live reports of the campaign for your roofing ads. You will have access to all clicks, click through rates, conversions, cost per conversion, etc.

What can I expect from these Google Adwords reports?

Everything you need to know to make an informed decision about your roofing advertisements, right down to the penny.

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