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Roofing SEO Team is an SEO company designed especially for roofers. We help to grow and promote your roofing business online, using proven SEO and PPC systems to maximize your roofing company’s online presence. 


We only focus on roofing companies. In other words, we are one of the very few SEO and online marketing firms that are 100% specialized in the roofing industry. This provides us with unique insights and experience which helps us to better serve your company.

We know what search terms are relevant for roofing companies, which keywords you need to implement in order to boost your online presence, and the best place to advertise to customers and leads within the roofing space on the web.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A long term strategy to rank your website on the front of Google organically .

Pay Per Click (PPC)

A short term strategy to get instant traffic and cover keyword gaps.

Our SEO Ethos

We only serve one roofing business client per city/location. This is because it would present us with a conflict of interest if we had to do the SEO for two rival roofing businesses operating in the same area. We prefer to avoid these conflicts of interest between our clients, and rather than capitalizing on our own business opportunities, we put the needs and wishes of our clients first.

The world of roofing SEO can be brutal, what with more and more modest contractors realizing the power of Google searches, and we want to ensure that ALL of our clients walk away happier, enjoying more promotion, presence, and brand awareness online.

Page One Rankings


Increased Traffic



Roofing Insights and Industry Knowledge

If you work with Roofing SEO Team, you’re being served by a specialized marketing firm which has years of experience in both SEO and the roofing industry.

We’re not just a generic SEO firm which needs to scramble to learn about roofing – we already know how to best serve you from the get-go. We understand the Golden Hammer Award, GAF certification, and Owens Corning products, among other things.

We know what separates a good roofing company from a bad roofing company, and we use this knowledge to help you on your SEO and online marketing journey.

Boost Your Online Presence

If you’re looking to grow your business by boosting your online presence, SEO is one of the most cost-effective methods in the modern age.

Everyone is glued to their digital devices these days, which turns them into prime real estate when it comes to advertising and SEO.

If you’re not showing up on the first page of Google results, you’re wasting your time – a whopping 95% of internet users will never scroll past the first page of Google results. In fact, the first 2 results presented on the first page receive most of the clicks, and the further down you go, the less and less people click.

Why Roofing SEO TEAM?

So why should you trust us? Well, that’s a very good question. We have many years of experience in both SEO and roofing – we walk the talk to prove it.

Over the years, we have closely studied Google’s algorithms for roofing-related SEO terms and best practices, enabling us to develop a close understanding of what Google is looking for in your website.

We ourselves rank for “roofing seo”, which may be how you found our website! As a result, we can apply this knowledge to your business, helping you to rank for the search terms that are relevant to you in your area.

Answers to Your Questions

What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. It is the art of crafting your roofing website to be search engine (e.g., Google, etc.) friendly and relevant for the roofing market you’re located in. The more relevant you are, the more higher Google will return you as a local provider on the search results page.

How's your SEO strategy for roofing andy different from your competitors?

SEO is our passion. We are in the grind daily. We have hundreds of website out there testing and monitoring the market daily. That’s how we know what works and what doesn’t. We are real practioners – not someone who’s read an article or just completed a course.

How long will it take before my roofing website appears on the first page of Google?

The real answer is we don’t know. It depends on so many factors. Such as your current website, the competition, Google’s current algorithm, and more. However, from our experience, we can provide you an estimated time. Usually with the local roofing market, anywhere from about 6 to 8 months.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is simply ad placements. Otherwise known as pay-per-click or PPC, is where you simply pay Google a fee everytime someone clicks on your ad when they’re searching for a product or service via the keywords they type.

What's the difference between SEO and Google Adwords?

Although both SEO and Adwords have to do with the search engine results listing when people perform a Google search on local roofing companies, there’s a big difference. With Adwords, you pay for every click. By placing Adwords, your roofing website will show up for your keyword searches, but can be placed at any of the top, side, or bottom Adwords locations on the search engine resuls page. Your ad will compete with competitor’s ad bids. With SEO, your website will show up in the “organic” search results and be consistent everytime. Studies show that people click the organic listings 94% of the time because organically listed websites are perceived as being of higher quality and a better provider of roofing services.

Should I choose SEO over Adwords or vice versa when it comes to roofing?

Think of Adwords as a short term result. If your roofing website is not ranking and you need clicks now, go with Adwords. SEO is long term result as it takes time for your website to rank naturally. However, when it does start ranking, the SEO results outperform Adwords. Many roofing companies go with a two phase approach and start with Adwords as well as have SEO done. Then, when the SEO starts to overtake the Adwords, they stop the Adwords campaign.

What Do Roofer’s Think About RST

Our website has been around for over a decade but never been able to climb past the 3rd page of Google for some reason. We have hired two SEO agencies before but never really got serious results until we started working with Roofing SEO Team. Finally, we made it to the front of Google and with multiple pages too. Our next goal is to rank for the surrounding counties as well with the help of Roofing SEO team. Thanks, and really appreciate the help guys!

Marsha L.

Co-Owner, A-1 Roofing

This SEO thing is for real. At first I was skeptical but took the plunge and it turned out to be the best business decision I’ve made. With the rankings they got us, our website’s traffic has more than doubled and I have to hire more guys to keep up. Two thumbs way for the Roofing SEO Team!

Jake M.

Office Manager, Millenium Roofing

Special thanks to RST for their patience in explaining to us the details of search engine optimizaton. We’re in very competitive roofing market and needed an edge so we turned to these guys and was glad we did. It’s nice to find a trustworthy SEO company that doesn’t try to oversell and can actually deliver.


Owner, ACME Roofing

Looking to Partner With RST?

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The Passion

We are passionate about equipping roofers in the US with online promotion techniques which help them to thrive and grow their customer base further. We are happy to answer any questions you may have throughout the process, clarifying any concerns or queries. Our talented team is always standing by to offer you support if anything should go wrong, and you can rest assured that any issues will be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

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